Bone Densitometry

Bone Densitometry is a noninvasive method utilized to measure bone mass. Bone densitometry is sometimes called DEXA or DXA (Dual Energy Absorptiometry). It is not a painful procedure but a physician referral is required. The average time for each examination is approximate 15minutes.

The patient lies very still on a bed or sits in a chair, while the instrument passes over the body. X-rays from below the table passes through the body part being measured and is received by a detector above the patient. Through the use of a computer the information acquired is analyzed and report as the bone mineral density or body fat.

Prohibitors to having a bone densitometry are: Pregnancy, recent studies using contrast agents (i.e. barium, iodine), recent Nuclear Medicine Studies, Radioactive seeds implants, surgical staples, shrapnel and radio-opaque catheters or tubes in the scanning area. Patients should not take their daily calcium tablet one day prior to and on the day of this procedure. The maximum limit of the DEXA equipment is 300 pounds.

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